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Friday 15 March – Sunday 31 March


Alain Wergifosse

2024 / Belgium

Chapelle de Beaurepaire

Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

Alain Wergifosse is a Belgian-Catalan experimental video and sound artist born in 1967.

Since the early 80s, he has been working with electronic and digital sound and images, optical macro/microscopy and all techniques of visual and sound synthesis.

He creates immersive sound and visual installations in large spaces, projecting on walls and surfaces arrays of various formats of matterism microworlds, sometimes natural, sometimes artificial, made of light and textures in constant motion, combining self-generating images, real-time video-feedback and microscopic geologies, often evolving at apparently frozen times, sometimes in an imperceptibly chaotic vertigo, always fascinating and hypnotic.

His current work is the result of the accumulation of almost 50 years of creative experience, starting in Barcelona, where he has been an active participant in the experimental music scene, both in solo concerts and in numerous collaborations with collective projects and groups such as OBMUZ, MACROMASSA, SPECOP or COLECTIVO ANATOMIC, performing on 4 of the 5 continents, at well-known festivals and the best underground venues such as SONAR, FRINGE, LEM, MEM, CITYSONIC, EXPERIMENTA, STUBNITZ, RHIZ, ABAIXADORS 10 and many others.

 In 1999, the GEOMETRIK label released his album DEEP GRAY ORGANICS. His latest album SPECTRES & NEONS was released in 2022 on the TRANSONIC label. In 2010, he composed the music for Olivier Smolders’ film “Petite anatomie de l’image”, Grand Prize of the Labo Competition at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. He has presented his immersive installations at KIKK, TRANSUMERIQUES, RECYCLART, FLAGEY, PLEIADES, ZONE LIBRE, MILL and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE with titles such as EROSIONS & MICROSCOPIES, ESPACE RESONNANT, MORPHEMES & MUTAPHORES, FLUX & DENSITÉS, SPECTRES & NEONS and GENO-TYPO.

Artist portrait:

Credits :

Alain Wergifosse (Belgium)
Multi-channel immersive video and sound installation, 2024
Produced by VIDEOFORMES, with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, the DRAC and Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes SCAN Fund, Transcultures, Pépinières Européennes de Création, Laboratoire Magmas & Volcans (UCA/CNRS) and Université Clermont-Auvergne.



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