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Friday 15 March – Sunday 31 March

Meeting Philip

Éric Vernhes

2024 / France

Chapelle de l’Ancien Hôpital Général

Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

The work:

Meeting Philip is a musical, video, and visual work based on the recording of a lecture given by Philip K. Dick in Metz in 1977.

During this lecture, Philip K. Dick revealed that one of his favorite themes, the existence of a plurality of parallel worlds, was indeed reality and not fiction. For him, there was no doubt that our world was the product of a computer program whose designer (God, programmer-reprogrammer) episodically changed variables in the past, disrupting the course of our present time and giving rise to other, divergent, uchronic worlds. “Deja-vu” impressions were a direct result of this “reprogramming”. He then began to recount his own “slippages” from one world to another, claiming that in one of them, he had been assassinated by Richard Nixon’s administration. In yet another, he had met Aphrodite in a pre-Christian landscape whose description resembled a comic book illustration.

The public did not follow him down this hallucinatory path, and commentators, out of respect for the writer’s reputation, cast a veil of modest oblivion over the lecture.

In Meeting Philip, a visual and sound art installation, I don’t answer the question of the credibility of Philip K. Dick’s story. Rather, I consider this question to be irrelevant. Confronted with the many facets of Dick’s personality, his wanderings and his flashes of brilliance, I take the side of the writer against the self-proclaimed prophet. In the end, the latter (who has never convinced anyone) is merely the tool of the former (who is recognized as brilliant).

The artist:

Eric Vernhes creates installations and displays with an intrinsic movement that matches that of the viewer’s conscience.

Before all else, and in the absence of any demonstration of the existence of the soul, the spectator is a body, at a precise moment, in a given place, immersed in the contemplation of his or her own imagination, which is projected into the work.

A digression opens up in the incessant movement that propels it towards its finitude. This is an intrinsically, specifically human experience: the artistic experience.

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Artist portrait:

Credits :

Eric VERNHES (France)
Immersive visual and sound installation, 16’, 2024
Projectors, screens, tape recorder, sound system, electromechanics.
Electroacoustic musical composition based on a lecture by Philip k. Dick in Metz, 1977 © CNRS.
Visual creation on original generative programs.
Produced by VIDEOFORMES, with the support of the DRAC and Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes SCAN Fund.

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