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Focus – Friday, March 15 – 9 a.m.


Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo / Japan

In 2009, Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (IAFT) was founded, as a reincarnation of “Far East Audio Visual Socialization (FEAVS),” to shatter the current norm of fixed spaces and audiences; and to discover artists who create new values going beyond the borders of artistic practice. We feature artists who engage in interdisciplinary practice, creating new values that connect people by introducing more dynamic art festivals that reflects contemporary society. Our purpose is to provide new and free perspectives that enrich people with inspiration – expanding the opportunity for the artists to present their works, by introducing experimental and avant-garde art. We aim for both creators and viewers to mutually share their feed back with each other: build the foundation for new art, and rejuvenate the art scene by featuring innovative artists with clear concepts and new visions.

– Sung Nam Han, Director of IAFT


Seamless Stitching / Tae Kyung Seo / 2023 / Republic of Korea / 2’00

Dancing against the backdrop of a synthetic fiber factory, incorporating the recently born child. Explores the boundaries of connection and disconnection in a visually seamless manner.

delta w, composition film / GRAYCODE, JIIIIIN / 2023 / Republic of Korea / 16’40

The artist duo, GRAYCODE, jiiiiin, performs «delta w, composition film», the music of 16 minutes and 40 seconds (as a period of 1/1000Hz). It if for aspiration of modeling of nature homeostasis which is «wave forecast(2022)», presented outdoors in Jeju on 2022 November 17th and 18th. Via «wave forecast», the artist attempts to explore homeostasis, which is the invisible nature and its reality but constantly occurring within a cycle. It tried to demonstrate nature as the following entropy, the amount of change, hence the installation headed to the outdoor called Noji. Where the seaside of Seogwipo, when the ground is the most revealed depending on the tide, GRAYCODE and jiiiiin exhibited the installation on following nature variances.
As a random phenomenon without rules and patterns, the chased signal from inputs 1 and 2 of «wave forecast» turns into cycle frequencies, called music «delta w», and sends them back throughout outputs 1 and 2, to where they originally had belonged. As mentioned, the music, «delta w», achieved and presented as a composition film. Homeostasis, that’s how we live in a stable life pattern within a cycle of nature.

Between the water / Sung Nam Han / 2024 / Japan / 9’00

This experimental video work expresses time and space between gravity and weightlessness, air and water, through shimmering and distortion.
Recently, recreational divers have been volunteering to clean up trash on the ocean floor in order to protect the marine environment.
I have been creating video works from footage I have shot under the sea.
I made this work by recycling the video and audio data bugs that occurred during the process and the footage that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash.


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Curator : Sung Nam Han

Sung Nam HAN creates single channel videos, installations using blue background keying, AR photo /video works, art performances, and installations based on the theme of blue. She has staged a video x theater x dance art performance based on the concept of “Super Linear.”
She has been invited to OKAYAMA ART SUMMIT 2022 public program and performance (2022), Kyoto University of Arts “Japan Undersea Art Museum Project” (2022), German Cultural Institute “Evolution and Regression” dance performance direction (2022), performance at Singapore Art Week 2021, National Curated “Negentropic Fields” (2020) at the National Gallery Singapore, screened at the Guangdong Museum of Contemporary Art, Minikino Film Week, Thai Short Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Seoul International Experimental Film Festival, etc., She won the Excellence Award at Image Forum Festival, the Media Artist Award at Seoul International New Media Festival. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Japan and abroad. She also directs and curates her own events related to interdisciplinary Art. First director of Japan Undersea Art Museum (JUAM), she is the representative of Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (2014-), Art in Country of Tokyo (2019-), and Interdisciplinary Art Project Kobe (2019-). the 20th EXPERIMENTAL FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL IN SEOUL (2023) Competition Jury.

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