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Video competition

Sunday, March 17 - 4:00 pm

Salle Boris-Vian, Maison de la Culture

A Mass Sporting Event / Mina Mohseni / 2023 / Iran / 3’54

In this video I used sign language beyond its role in communication, showcasing it as a sign for overlooked voices, unheard stories, and unwritten words. Through its nuanced movements and emotive expressions, sign language provides a window into the depth of human experience. As the performer intertwines hands and body, a sense of liberation unfolds. “Teach me, now” «بیاموز مرا، اکنون»

En équilibre sur une molecule (Le Sol : Partie Trois) / David Finkelstein / 2023 / United States / 16’37

A series of video rituals, trying to strike a balance between rapture and vulnerability.

Æquo / Eloïse Le Gallo & Julia Borderie / 2023 / France / 20’23

The sound of an alphorn echoes in the mountains while glaciers are dripping. Far away, on an oceanographic boat, researchers probe the invisible seabed. Geological bodies of salt and ice emerge from the digital depths of a software. They melt and disintegrate in the hands of scientists.

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