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Friday 15 March – Sunday 31 March


Alexandra Dementieva

2014 – 2024 / Russia / Belgium

Chapelle de l’Ancien Hôpital Général

Opening hours :
Tuesday to Saturday, 1pm to 7pm
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm

The work:

This project Sleeper is the result of an accident. I was watching Woody Allen’s film Sleeper and my computer crashed and compressed the film into 194 frames, of which I have made 100 tapestries so far. The project is ongoing; I am still involved in the production of the mats. I love Woody Allen’s films and particularly the period of the 1970s. This film is about the future. Unlike my work, this film is anti-utopian. The future in my work is not so clear-cut. I imagined a group of archaeologists of the future who discovered these tapestries after the post-scientific era on our planet Earth and are trying to define them. They belong to an undefined social structure. Since the tone of the narrative is rather calm, one can guess that it is a different society with a different attitude towards the world.

The idea behind the audio is very simple: the archaeologists are trying to figure out what the tapestries are all about and conclude that it is a system of archiving of digital media, such as films, for example. After this, they find journals and other [non-digital] media piece by piece.

The artist:

Originally from Russia, Alexandra Dementieva lives and works in Belgium.

“The idea of interaction between the viewer and an artwork, mediated by technologically progressive visualization methods, lies at the core of my work. In my installations, I use various art forms on an equal basis: dance, music, cinema and performance. Akin to an explorer I raise questions related to social psychology and theories of perception suggesting solutions to them by contemporary artistic means. My installations focus on the role of the viewer and his or her interaction with an artwork and bring forth ways of provoking the viewer’s involvement thus allowing hidden mechanisms of human behavior to be revealed.

My research process happens here and now, in the increasingly technologized present, it is deeply rooted in cultural context. Photography and other digital media always record a trace, which indicates the former presence of something. Attesting to a certain event the trace at the same time enshrines the technology in use, thus acting as a witness to contemporaneous culture. In a similar manner, I tend to reflect on behavioral patterns and cultural mechanisms that are characteristic of contemporary society.”

Artist portrait:

Credit :

Alexandra DEMENTIEVA (Russia / Belgium)
Interactive installation, tapestry/augmented reality, 2014-2024

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