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Focus – Friday, March 15 – 2 p.m.

Nyktalop mélodie

Structure for visual experimentation / France

Created in 2001 in Poitiers, Nyktalop Mélodie is a structure for visual experimentation through distribution, creation, and transmission. Its programming activities bring together films, live performances, and all forms of experimentation around image and sound, notably through the OFNI Festival since 2003, a nomadic interdisciplinary festival dedicated to visual creation in all its plurality: experimental cinema and performed cinema, Audio-Video performances, ciné-concerts, VJing, mapping, participative interactive installations and other modes of dissemination or visual experimentation to come…
Nyktalop Mélodie’s creative collective also produces its own visual and sound creations, mixing video, slides, super-8 and 16mm samples, live cameras & vinyl turntables, VJing & live light-painting software, code and video-mapping…
As part of its efforts to raise image awareness, Nyktalop Mélodie is also developing practical image workshops in order to pass on and share technical and artistic skills with participants, from schools to nursing homes to prisons.
For more than 20 years, the structure has been able to maintain a cultural offering that is not very prevalent in the region, and continues to support experimental artistic niches, notably with its support for the hybrid visual arts space LE BLOC in Poitiers.


Energie / Thorsten Fleisch / Germany / 2007 / 4’00

From a purely technical point of view, the TV/video screen is brought to life by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode-ray tube.

Call of the Wild / Collectif Neozoon / France / 2017 / 4’00

A short film about young people who practice a form of guttural expression, seeking animal-like sound analogies within themselves.
Together, they practice a gesture of the savage.

One Slimy Story / Assile Blaibel / France / 2019 / 6’00

At the seaside, the weather is fine and people don’t care about anything. They have their little routines and nothing can bother them. But little by little, they begin to realize that they’re melting away.

We are become death / Jean-Gabriel Périot / France / 2014 / 4’00

We knew the world wasn’t the same. Some laughed. Others wept. Most remained silent.

That which is to come is just a promise / Collectif Flatform / Italia / 2019 / 20’00

In recent years, the island of Funafuti, in the Tuvalu archipelago, has become the scene of a unique phenomenon: due to abnormal warming of the sea, salt water is seeping into the subsoil through the porous terrain, causing flooding that threatens the future of life on this island.

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Nyktalop Mélodie

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Instagram : @nyktalop_ofni

Curator : Stéphane Le Garff

Stéphane Le Garff, artistic director of Nyktalop Mélodie and the OFNI Festival, and a visual photographer, is developing a transmedia practice that explores the original materials on which the photographic and kinetic image is based, reviving its primary role of revealing invisible worlds. Through ongoing research into light, often crossed with the representation of the body and movement, his universe is nourished by visual games that are always produced by hand, using optical filters, transmedia, silver and digital tools or live performances.

He is also co-president of the ASTRE visual arts network in New Aquitaine and a lecturer at EMCA Angoulême.


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