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Video competition

Saturday, March 16 - 10:45 a.m.

Salle Boris-Vian, Maison de la Culture

Square the circle / Hanna Hovitie / 2022 / Finland / 17’26

How to be a circle in a square world? In a two-dimensional space, out of time, a person seeks their belonging to the world through a journey to infinity.

The Same The Other / Bohao Liu / 2023 / Switzerland / 8’58

The film with the title borrowed from a collection of poems by Jorge Luis Borges resonates with his meditation on art and identity, montaging some archival footage of the gazed and gazing “person” which is then interpreted by A.I. artificial intelligence by chance with prompts and hashtags.

SONNET / Paul Bogaert & Jan Peeters / 2023 / Belgium / 4’44

How useful is good advice if you’re too stressed to focus? Can a couple of rhymes prevent one from falling?

SPEECHLOSS / Charlotte Dalia / 2023 / France / 15’50

SPEECHLOSS is a film inhabited by isolated characters, out of sync and searching for direction. In an eerie seaside atmosphere, we come across a jogger, a bodybuilder, dogs and a strange giant organ. Speechloss is a progression of four scenes in which both the wind and a powerful desire to feel alive blow.

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