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VidEoformes 2024

39th International Hybrid and Digital Arts Festival

Festival ::: March 14 > 31



2024 poster

“This is not an organ, but a robot!

A sculpture-robot that shatters the essence of illusion, transcending the boundaries between the tangible and the impalpable, between the living and the artificial.
Sexus Fleurus, made of silicone in a scientific laboratory, is a flexible robot that integrates various elements such as a stone sculpture, motorized syringes, pipes, sensors and a leather skin envelope, thus fusing organic and artificial materials.

By its ambivalent nature, this robot-sculpture becomes a carnal organ, a sensory enigma that invites us to explore the boundaries of perception and question the dichotomy of fragile frontiers: feminine-masculine, real and non-real, and machine-human.”

Yosra Mojtahedi

Sexus Fleurus
Installation / interactive sculpture – 2021
soft robot, silicone, animal skin, stone, air, pipes, syringes, computer, motors.

Artist: Yosra MOJTAHEDI
In partnership with Inria – Defrost (Deformable Robotic Software)
Collaboration with scientist Stefan Escaida Navarro

teaser videoformes 2024


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