10,867 lines of code / 8,294,400 pixels

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10,867 lines of code / 8,294,400 pixels

Damien & Jean-Christophe Cura

Salle Chavignier, Maison de la Culture,
1 Rue Abbé de l’Épée, Clermont-Ferrand

Opening hours:
Friday and Saturday: 9:30am to midnight
Sunday: 9.30am to 10pm

Free entrance


The artists

Damien Cura

“Since childhood, I have devoted my time to creating images and objects through drawing, sculpture, painting, ceramic, and 2D/3D computer graphics. After 7 years in various businesses, as a ceramist, painter decorator, in art foundries, and eventually in visual communications, I set up my own business as a 2D/3D computer graphics designer, with the “maison des artistes” for the creativity and as an entrepreneur to immerse in the technical aspects of my job. 3D computer graphics are my passion for over 30 years, and I have never stopped learning ever since the appearance of the first software “3Dstudio” came out.”

Damien Cura
Jean Christophe Cura

Jean-Christophe Cura

“Passionate about computing and above all programming since the age of 12, it is in the 90s that I started play with an Amstrad CPC 6128 using the BASIC language. Programming to animate pixels has always excited me so much, whether I was drawing sundials or spaceships firing missiles! Over time, without realising, I geared my professional career path towards computer science, always integrating it into my study projects, eventually leading me towards computer engineering. Today I am a developer with a software publisher, where I put my passion to the service of our customers!”


“What we present is a detournement of the tools and mechanics that embrace video game production. The sources of images, objects and codes all come from work we started 14 years ago. In the form of an interactive table/scene, you can explore the various spaces that make up this universe, where the visible and the invisible combine to bring it to life.”

Both passionate about video games and the technical skills necessary to develop them, it was together and at the age of 15 that we began a collaboration in the production of pixel art video games such as Shooter. A collaboration that has never left us over all these years.

What we present to you today is the result of an exploratory project started 14 years ago. To give life to a character (Tontito), created by Damien, was the first stage of this project. What euphoria when for the first time, he started moving under the guidance of the keyboard! But for now, in an empty space!

We therefore embarked on the creation of an open world with a surface area of 40km² in which he could engage in many activities. This is how, in our free time, we began the creation of a 3D game. Bit by bit, following our creative energy and within the technical constraints crossing our path, we developed the game.

We had no financial incentive nor any desire to please a particular audience.
All the C# code and 3D objects were created by us using Blender, Krita and Microsoft Visual Studio Community tools. The integration was carried out on the Unity 3D engine.

To facilitate our collaboration, we used version managers, starting with Subversion in 2009, then mercurial until recently when we migrated the project to git, where the project currently contains 4258+ revisions, which equates to 127563 file versions!
To date, we have produced a project consisting of 10867 lines of code in 111 C# files, 808 3D objects, 2872 textures, and 4106 Prefabs.

In this open world, we can explore 9 villages, hamlets and towns, a desert biome, a temperate one and a mountainous one. This play area is powered by real-time management of the weather and the 4 seasons. Tontito can also admire beautiful clouds and a beautiful starry sky when it is dark, both while walking on foot or on one of his unique vehicles, made from odds and ends!

Have a fun trip!

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