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Video competition

Sunday, March 17 - 2:30 p.m.

Salle Boris-Vian, Maison de la Culture

ContrapunctusV / Kenji Ouellet / 2022 / Germany / 17’30

An experimental documentary featuring mind fragmentation, a search for patterns and Japanese urban architecture. A time capsule of sorts, centered on (biological or artificial) brain states, it makes different themes and voices converge and connect in a rhizomatic, multitasking structure reminiscent of musical contrepoint (or attention deficit behaviour symptoms).

Voix tonnerre / Nieto / 2023 / France, Colombia / 13’

A prophet declaims an ode to the new generations, before the apocalypse.

δ / Julia Diệp My Feige / 2023 / Germany, Greece / 5’35

Two men appear ghostly on the screen while a mysterious sign shows up repeatedly in the background…

slaughter / Sahand Sarhaddi / 2023 / Iran, United Kingdon / 7’19

A video exploring archival footage of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, depicting a symbolic narrative of “Besmel,” an animal sacrifice ritual. It allegorically represents a nation’s sacrifice amid political transformations.

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