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Video competition

Saturday, March 16 - 1:00 pm

Salle Boris-Vian, Maison de la Culture

Écho infini d’une coquille / Diana Kapizova / 2022 / Russia / 16’50

“Endless Shell Echo” can be interpreted as a myth of eternal return, as a reproduction of the archetypal initiation rite…

HEX: Begin Again / Laura Taler / 2023 / Canada / 12’

In HEX: Begin Again, Laura Taler pairs a simple mirror trick with strategies of masquerade and repetition to create a world of ritual and séance. With a profound reach into the past, Taler breathes life into a series of extraordinary historical texts authored by the trailblazing voices of Claude Cahun, Susan Coolidge, and Maya Deren. The result is a complex and playful language of resistance.

MÜ, ARCHITECTURES PROTEIFORMES / José Man Lius / 2023 / France / 3’

In a parallel dimension, the audience discovers an immersive experience at the MÜ Museum, an artistic attraction that explores avant-garde architecture with living materials, where walls engage in dialogue and interaction with visitors. But who is MÜ really?

CYCLEPATHS / Anton Cla / 2023 / Belgium / 12’25

An old woman is carrying her shopping bags
A child with a gun on his back riding a scooter
Birds are flying
A city is falling
A party is lit

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